Attention Regulation


Ever walk into a room to get something and then realize you cannot remember what you came into the room to get? Or perhaps you “get lost” in tasks to the point that other important commitments go unattended. At home, school, or work, it is unproductive and frustrating to become easily distracted or forgetful or to lose track of your materials and appointments.

Fortunately, therapy focused on building what are known as The Executive Skills can help with managing the impact that attention difficulties can cause, and even with overcoming the difficulties themselves. Executive Skills Coaching is one of Dr. Joe Dilley’s areas of specialization. Building executive skills is a lot like building skills in sports or the arts, so Dr. Dilley uses the same interventions that he uses with athletes and artists to aid the development of your ability to:

  • Organize
  • Sequence
  • Schedule
  • Initiate tasks
  • Double-check your output
  • Self-monitor your progress
  • Control impulsive responses
  • Moderate emotional reactions

In building your executive skills repertoire, you will become more able to manage the consequences of inattention, and also more able to replace inattentive moments with moments marked by a clear, mindful awareness of the present. Executive Skills Coaching can be pursued on an individual basis, within the context of a small group, or both.