Dr. Joe Dilley


As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I provide psychotherapy and psychological assessment to individuals of any age, and to couples and families. I am particularly passionate about helping persons impacted by ADHD and/or anxiety. Because these problems are typically part of larger life problems and experiences, I am also well equipped to treat most psychiatric conditions, such as: 

Hypochondriasis and Health Anxiety
Tics and Tic Disorder
Learning Disabilities / Learning Differences

My strengths-based approach to therapy means that we will spend time together talking not only about what has “gone wrong,” but making use of what is already “going right.”

I also facilitate Executive Skills Groups for students from elementary through high school who struggle with ADHD and related diagnoses. In addition to therapy, I offer comprehensive psychological assessment services, including psycho-educational testing. 

Synergy is very excited about the early 2015 release of my new book, The Game Is Playing Your Kid: How to Unplug and Reconnect in the Digital Age! The book walks parents through three simple steps to breaking the electronics addiction. You may pre-order now by contacting our office. Stay tuned to the Synergy website for additional details and easy online ordering!

 My in-person services include the following: