Individual Therapy


My approach to therapy is centered on helping my clients understand themselves better. In many cases this also includes helping family members and peers to understand the client better as well. Therapy is a collaborative process, which means that the client and the therapist unite in their efforts so that change can occur. It is essential for my clients to feel safe in the therapy environment so that they are willing to engage in a trusted relationship where I can help them to better understand their strengths and areas of needed growth.

Many of my clients experience social difficulties and regularly feel misunderstood. When these concerns arise, my role is to be a facilitator of social and emotional growth. I engage with my clients from a relational perspective and work to develop meaningful and intentional relationships that generalize to their everyday life.

I provide individual therapy for young children, adolescents, teenagers, and adults. When individual therapy is initiated for young children and adolescents there is generally a combination of individual and family work incorporated, and when appropriate, I work with my clients in the community (e.g., school observations or consultations).