Our philosophy is that the therapist and patient work collaboratively toward positive life change, making gains that could not be made in isolation. In this sense, the clinician and client are parts of a process that is larger than themselves. It is also true that the therapist and patient are both individuals unto themselves…The unique characteristics (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) of each individual must integrate in order to maintain personal health. In addition, each aspect of one’s life (work, school, relationships, etc.) necessarily influences all the other aspects.

These dynamic elements of relationship, personhood, and life are all connected. When they fuse effectively, we experience Synergy. This idea was the inspiration for our practice. Our approach is “outside the box”: Whether it’s by using traditional psychotherapy, meditation, biofeedback, or video games, we individually tailor our interventions to the specific needs of our patients.

We invite you to get to know us by exploring this website and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.