Individual Therapy


As we come to know ourselves, we are typically more able to wholeheartedly savor the wonderful times of life and to better cope with the hard things about it. Psychotherapy affords a vehicle for coming to a place of deeper self-understanding; it is a process of self-discovery. To facilitate that process, I aim to create an environment that allows clients (and therapists, alike!) to be who they are, yet embrace positive life change. With this in mind, my approach to individual therapy is to serve as your scaffolding, supporting what you have already put in place, while also helping you to add to it or “remodel” where necessary. This partnering in psychotherapy is a large part of why we call our practice Synergy.

I welcome meeting with individuals of all walks and backgrounds, though I am an expert at treating anxiety (everything from daily unsettledness to intense phobias) and attention problems like ADHD. Together, we will work quickly, but comprehensively, targeting whatever areas of your life you would like to improve, while maximizing those aspects of life that are already satisfactory to you.