Consulting & Public Speaking


Doctors Joe and Carrie are available individually, or as a couple, for public speaking or consultation to: churches, corporations, conferences, schools, parent support groups, retreats, TV & film productions, and fellow researchers. Please let us know if we can help facilitate your next event or project.

Recent Engagements & Press:

The Motherhood Consortium (Guest Speaker)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Early Detection and Intervention

Guest on The Frugal Couple (iTunes Podcast Series)
Dr. Joe Dilley
The Psychology of Money

Guest on Full Circle (Radio Program)
Dr. Joe Dilley
Strengths-based Approaches to Teaching, Parenting, and Psychotherapy for Children and Teens

Lake Avenue Church (Presentation to Young Marrieds Class)
Dr. Joe Dilley
The Psychology of Money in Financial Planning

South Pasadena Junior High School (Presentation)
Dr. Joe Dilley
Fight Club: The Bullying Epidemic in Boys

Pasadena Child Development Associates  (Presentation to Clinical Staff)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Autism Spectrum Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Treatment 

The Waverly School (Presentation to Junior High Students)
Dr. Joe Dilley
Talking with Peers About Stress and How to “Help Get Help”

La Vie Counseling Center (Presentation to Clinical Staff)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Intervention 

Jump$tart Family Financial Fitness Fair (Presentation to Attendees)
Dr. Joe Dilley
The Psychology of Money Within Families 

San Marino Community Church (Presentation to Members)
Drs. Joe & Carrie Dilley
Caring for Babies & Boomers: The Unique Challenges and Blessings Experienced by Members of the “Sandwich Generation”

Before Your Vows (TV Program)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Consultation on Asperger’s Disorder

Fuller Graduate School of Psychology (Series for Students in ‘Introduction to Assessment’)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Crestview Elementary School (Series for Students)
Dr. Joe Dilley (with Dr. Jeffrey Prater)
Don’t Get Hooked! How to Avoid Bullying & Teasing

Andrea Davis, Ph.D., Inc. (Training for Floortime Staff)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Training on Parent-Coaching

St. Francis High School (Presentation for Teen Issues Day)
Dr. Joe Dilley
You’re Working Too Hard: Strategies for Studying Smarter

Los Angeles Valley Community College Autism Spectrum Disorders Conference (Training for the Child Development Department)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Floortime: A Relationship-Based Treatment Approach

La Ballona Elementary School (Presentation to Staff)
Dr. Joe Dilley
Fostering Optimal Behavioral and Academic Performance: Strategies for Teachers

Lewis B. Smedes Memorial Forum on Foster Care and Adoption: Trauma and Children (Presentation to Attendees)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Burnout in foster/adoptive parents, child strengths and risk factors, and the intention to adopt

The Help Group (In-service for the Young Learners Preschool for Children with Autism)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Floortime: A relationship-based treatment approach for workingwith children with autism and Asperger’s disorders

Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center (Series for Staff)
Dr. Joe Dilley
Various topics in health psychology and stress management

Pasadena Unified School District (Co-Led Meeting between Principals & Special Education Director)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Inclusion: Welcoming Special Needs Children Into the Schools

Notre Dame Academy (Presentation for Student Mental Health Day)
Dr. Joe Dilley
Addressing Self-Harmful Behavior by Peers

The University of LaVerne (Lecture for Students in ‘Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment I’
Dr. Carrie Dilley
What are Intelligence Tests? – Intro to the WISC-IV

The University of LaVerne (Lecture for Students in ‘Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment I’)
Dr. Joe Dilley
What Is Intelligence, and How Do We Measure It?

Glendale Unified School District (Presentation for Teachers & Teacher’s Aides)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Play facilitation and Floortime at school for Social-Emotional Growth

Burbank Unified School District (Presentation for the Director of Special Education and special education teachers)
Dr. Carrie Dilley
Floortime Therapy and Social Facilitation within the Classroom