ADHD Executive Skills Groups


The latest research indicates that the key features of ADD/ADHD are deficits in the Executive Skills, which include: long-range planning, organization, impulse control, sequencing, initiating tasks without procrastinating, and sustaining attention. This interactive group affords students the opportunity to learn, practice, and share with one another Executive Skills proven to make school more easy and fun.

Students and parents also meet to set goals and agree upon rewards for mastering the Executive Skills. In this way, the group presents an alternative to traditional tutoring and to the "homework wars" often waged between parent and student. Groups meet weekly for one hour.

Specific skills addressed include:

  • Working Memory (Holding information in memory while completing other tasks)
  • Impulse Control and Response Inhibition
  • Organization of Tasks and Materials
  • Sequencing and Scheduling
  • Task Initiation (without Procrastination!)
  • Sustaining Attention and Finishing Strong
  • Double-Checking Work
  • Identifying Personal Learning Preferences
  • Self-Monitoring Progress toward Goals
  • Taking Charge of Schoolwork and Chores
  • Building Self-Confidence


To enroll, or for more information, contact Dr. Joe Dilley.